Gearin’ Up!

I thought I would write a post dedicated to my must have running “gear” of the moment.  For me, some days are more difficult than others to find the motivation to go running.  I find that if I have something to get excited about (like good, fun gear) to get me on my feet and out the door, I am much more likely to do so.  So here are a few of my tried and true items to help keep me motivated and comfortable while running:

1. Good “Kicks”- For me just looking at my running shoes is enough to get me going sometimes! I know you are never supposed to buy running shoes based on looks, but sometimes the appearance helps! 🙂 These are the shoes I wear:


ASICS Women’s GT-2000 Running Shoes

2. Armband/Music Source- For me a source of music is completely necessary.  I have friends who love long runs in silence to clear their heads, but not me, I would go nuts! So I love to have my iphone in an armband and listen to my Pandora app.  I am usually very impatient and picky with my music, and will even cycle through as many as 5 pandora stations in as little as 3 miles! Oops! (Maybe I’ll write a playlist post tomorrow!)


3. Good Running Headphones- This kind of goes along with the music part, but a pair of made-for-running-headphones has become such a necessity for me.  Since returning to my parents house for Christmas break, I realized I left my favorite pair of running headphones at school and have been struggling with an old pair of ear buds I discovered in the house. Not okay!  This pair from Yurbuds is excellent and by favorite type of earphone for running.  You simply- for lack of a better word-“screw” the bud into your ear for a seal-tight fit that is not going to fall out on your run!


Yurbuds-Inspire for Women (available at Target)

4. Comfortable/Cute Clothes- So this one isn’t as much as a necessity as it is beneficial for my motivation.  For me, I am the most excited to go on a run when I have some new gear and clothes to try out.  Being warm and comfortable is a hard balance to find in these winter months, so I am always on the hunt for the next best combinations of layers for my runs.  Its an added bonus if they are cute also! Recently I have been LOVING this pair of running pants from Academy! Only $20 and so well made! They even have a rubber strip around the inside of the ankles to keep the pants from sliding up during movement! I was so thrilled by this feature!


BCG Academy Brand Cold Weather Running Pants for Women

5. Gloves!- I did not realize how much of a difference gloves make on my run until I forgot them on tonight’s run and was miserable! For the first two miles or so my hands were so cold I was really focused on warming them up and trying to avoid them getting too stiff! It was such a distraction and I don’t think I will be forgetting them again any time soon! I particularly like the gloves with moisture wicking fabrics so your hands don’t go to the other extreme and remain wet and soggy the whole run! A bonus feature for me as well is the tech pads on the thumbs and forefingers so that I am still able to use my smart phone on runs (as I mentioned I have a song changing problem).


Nike Elite Storm-Fit Tech women’s running gloves


Well there ya have it! Just a few things that help me get excited and remain comfortable during my runs. I hope this helped you get some ideas for your own necessities for your runs and workouts! What kind of things do you find get you excited and motivated for activities you do not necessarily always look forward to doing? 🙂


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